Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A venting note:

Hi Peeps,

Thieves are usually Liars.  Liars are usually thieves.

I just have to tell you all about something.  This morning I received an email from a concerned peep that had a link to MY freebies being SOLD on a pirates blog.  If it weren't for this person taking the time out of their day to let me know what was going on then other's would now be buying (possibly with their last dollar they even have) something that I am willing to just give away.

How pathetic and low can a person go?  First of all to steal, it's just wrong on a very low level.  But then to turn around and try to SELL it?  A whole new low reached.  WTH?  You treat my blog like a trash can that you picked through, took what you wanted, now you set it up for sale on your own front lawn!  Who do you think you even are???

BTW, this pirate is Rosa Design here:

She also goes by a list of other names as well I'm told:
Verena knapsack
Chrissie Knapsack
Reed elzinga
Hendrika Elzinga
Anna Roos
Eilsa Elzinga
Reed posertjes
Reeds Forest Elzinga
Sara closed
Little Dream
Rosa Water

You can click on the link but my kits are now gone because she shared each one of my kits to G1, so I went to every one of those links and posted that they're stolen property, they're mine, and they can find them for FREE and posted my blog link.  How dare she???!!  She replied to one of my comments and said she removed my kits and then had the audacity to ask how to design kits.  My reply was if she knew how to rip my name from my kits then she knows how to design.

This person has proven that thieves are usually liars and liars are usually thieves.

Thank you once again to the kind person who alerted me to this.  I will be getting back in touch with you with a special something :)

Vent over.


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  2. I was thinking the same thing! She shut her blog down after I left a note on one of the kit images. I wrote:

    You are in a world of shit. These are MY kit you STOLE from my blog. How dare you!! How dare you STEAL MY WORK, claim as your own, and then SELL what I'm GIVING AWAY FOR FREE???? I will see to it that your blog gets ripped down you thief!!

    She wrote:
    is delete all you kits

    I have been toying with the idea of deleting all my freebies and not offer any more. This is just so low...so wrong... But then I think of all the people who can't afford kits but love to PSP. For some people it's an escape to them. For now they stay but I will be like a hawk watching who does what with my freebies from now on.

  3. feel free to post this rant and info in my digiscrapcafe page on fb

    1. Thank you Angela. Feel free to share this post wherever you like. Alert people to her so she can't get away with much more of this.

  4. I know this person from way back,She used to nick my posers and offer from sites,When i caught her she asked how i made them and she nows makes and sells posers ,However i did see a while back she uses illegal poser content maybe pays now but by your post canna see it,Will never change and still thinks it ok to share others stuff,Hope you get it sorted and yes if you are reading this Riet,Crissie,Verna whatever you name is caught yet again

    1. Debbie, do you know where to find the actual person at this point in time, maybe on facebook... I tried searching her up, but with a bunch of bogus names like that, too much unrelated stuff comes up.

  5. BTW that blog link is now open again

  6. Seems she has a pattern on how she goes about stealing stuff, abusing TOU etc and then plays dumb as if that excuse would make her offense forgivable. NOT. She must've shut her blog down long enough to go over it with a fine tooth comb and remove all stolen property - seeing how Google will be all over her very soon.

  7. What goes around comes around, she will get her just desserts in the end

  8. Im so sorry sweetie! I adore your work and hope this doesn't stop ya. There are sooooo many people that do this and it makes me sick! Karma is a bleep!!