Sunday, September 11, 2016

Have a Question...

Hi Peeps!

It feels like it's been forever and have missed you all very much!!

I've been getting the itch to write tutorials again.   It would probably be part-time and sporadic for a while until I can figure out a groove to get into, but would any of you be interested in doing them?  And since I've been out of the loop for so long, do any of you have links to Free To Use kits?  Templates?  Masks? 

On another PSP topic...adding credit and copyright...  It seems that that part of the tag has changed as well (I think).  But is it a requirement now to add not only the copyright of the artist but also the kit and designer name, too?

Thanks in advance for any replies :)


  1. Most artist say you can't combine their work with another artist. I do not think that applies to scrapkits. I have seen tags where the tagger listed the artist and the scrapkit as well.

  2. Thank you CathyAnn. Yes, I knew about the artists, but I've seen a lot of tags around that had the scrapkit name and designer's name on it as well. I thought that was "required" on tags now as well.

  3. Hi Beverly,

    You can credit the scrapkit maker if you want to, but you don't have to. I know most artists only want the copyright symbol for their tubes.


  4. Hi Beverly,
    I'm really hoping you get back into writing tutorials. I love doing them!

  5. Hey Beverly,
    I would love to see you start writing again. I have tons of links if you need some. I love your work.

  6. I have a new Halloween freebie kit coming out soon and hopefully a new tutorial as well to go with it. Thanks so much for all the replies and emails I've gotten...very truly much appreciated!! If anyone else would like to email me - JBaers, would love those links if you feel like sending them :)

  7. Hi Beverly, Love the new halloween freebie and the tut. All my scrapkits are FTU you can find them on my blog. As for the credits on tags these days, personally I dont like seeing a tag with loads of different credits on it, it just spoils the tag. To put the designers name is one thing, but kit name and blog address as well as the legally required artists copyright is just unnecessary. Just my 2 cents worth LOL. xx

  8. Oh wow, MizTeeque, just love your blogs! Will be dropping there often to snag your pretties up - tysvm! I couldn't agree with you more about spoiling tags with all the credits. Unnecessary is exactly It takes away from the artists work as well as your own in creating the tag.